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SOlar Energy Based Power plant Design & Installation


Solar Power Installation

We install Solar Power with our unique design, concerning durability and minimum payback period


Energy Efficiency Measures

Abiding by different international and domestic standards, we study and consult energy efficiency measurement for different industrial projects, factories and power plants


Solar Power Grid

We design and Consult Solar and Hybrid Renewable Energy based grid-connected/off-grid power plants based on our unique qualifications and technical personnel

What we Offer

Japan Bangla Power Solutions Ltd. provides quality Solutions of Solar Power Plant Design and Installation, Roof-top Solar Power System Design and Installation, Solar Powered Strret Light System Design and Erection. We have successfully completed several solarpower projects worlwide . We also supply Photovoltaic(PV) Panels in countries including Newzeland, India, Bangladesh etc.

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High Efficiency Photovoltaic Panels

To fit with mixed up renewable energy system with existing system, we provide the best solutions by means high efficiency solar panels worldwide...

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Solar Power Plant Design and Installation

We design, install and consult solar energy based projects and power plants. Also we ensure the best and efficient system to be functional. Minimum Payback is also our concern

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Solar Street Light System

We design and install solar street light system w/o storage system. We are vastly experienced in pole erection.

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On/Off-Grid Industrial Solar Projects

We design and install solar power plants for industries. Thus we achieved the mark of one-stop solution as carbon-emission reduction goal.

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  • Solar Power System Installation

  • Grid Connected/Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

  • Solar Power based Device Manufacturing

  • Energy System Consultancy

  • Renewable Energy Based Project Consultancy

  • Solar Street Light System Design, Supply and Pole Erection

what clients say

The best and affordable solar panels, also the best solar power plant designer we dealt with.